Looking Forward To Summer ?

Many of you will be all excited as it's the Summer Kensington Dollshouse Festival this coming weekend; and I'm really looking forward to catching up with you! I know it's forecast rain, rain and more rain, but what does it matter? - you're indoors anyway ogling all the spectacular miniatures that are always on display...

So, it's just a quick hello from me today; and I'll see you at the weekend!

More in my 'Blog' as and when I have time to come and chat... thank you all for visiting!

Links for further shows this year are on my 'Show Schedule' page.

9th December, 2013 and my 'Online Store' has been re-stocked at last! Please remember some are OOAKs, so therefore only one appears in stock... by request - jars and flours are back in there - thanks if you go and indulge - see you soon!

My 'Order Book' for large commissions is very full for 2014, smaller orders can be squeezed in here and there, but please do remember I no longer create loose items in bulk quanitities - thank you so much...

Promise to write more soon then, bye for now!

Carol x

Here's the repetitive part . . . Although I have always mainly created 1:12 scale (inch scale) miniature food, character dolls and accessories; I also create some 1:24 / half scale miniatures, I know you've been able to get them from me at shows, but never online - so I have now added some to my Online Store and I hope you'll have a quick peep now and then, all relevant information is actually on that page, so no need to repeat it here.

A Graphic Artist, I have been creating miniatures since Spring 1996; and they have travelled the Globe so much more than me - I do so wish I could pack myself up in the little packages sometimes.

Commissions are most welcome, my Galleries page gives an idea of the range of miniatures I have created in the past; and then you can click on my Contact Details page, to get in touch anytime.