Leaves are Falling…

I’m really sorry to say that I didn’t attend the September ‘live show’ Kensington Dollshouse Festival this last weekend, not a decision taken lightly I might add! I’ve missed London this year; after showing at the City of London Dollshouse Festival January 2020, which doesn’t give time to ‘do London’ and was pre-Covid, I only visited once in 2020 – that visit – pure indulgence, spending most of the day at Kristin Baybars! and yes, I did buy a ‘few’ miniatures… if you’re ever in the vicinity of Gospel Oak, you must go and visit. So many miniatures in one place, mind blowing. Check opening times before visiting though.

What have I been up to? It’s still been a holiday each month, since April, due to my husband’s company carrying some holidays over from last year, phew, although August we didn’t go away. We had a holiday week before last, and then he is back for this week before yet another week off!! It’s always nine days away too, not just a week – he likes to take advantage of his time off. That’s why I am saying phew. I think that’s it then until Christmas, sigh of relief.

So, I’ve lost time basically, I’m still working my way through remaining orders; and hopefully I’ll be able to take a few more towards the end of October for Christmas. The lack of live shows increased online activity, I think I said this in my last blog, so I won’t repeat myself. Overwhelming is all I can say. I’ve been trying to keep a low profile, trying to learn that images posted can lead to requests; and I end up in a loop of emails – I mean you could post images on Insta every day – however, I have to stop and think before I do. Aaarrrggghhhh! No, only kidding, but I am starting to burn out, I need to kick back a little.

Before all things Covid, I’d reached the stage where I could have each and every Friday to myself, I’m now going to make myself do just that once again, it’ll recharge my ‘miniature’ batteries if I can venture into my forgotten sketch books, or sew a little, who knows, I always did whatever took my fancy on Fridays before these last ‘restrictive’ 18 months took hold. I’ve had a treat of a new watercolour field box, handbag size, so I’ll be able to pop it in my pocket or bag, smaller than my last Winsor and Newton field palette box, it also has a water bottle tucked in!

A little treat to myself, old one on the right & my little ‘urban sketchbook’

I know, not what you want to hear, but a weekly break to indulge myself away from the mini’s will enhance my miniature creativity I’m certain of that; so, there will be more new stuff to see and buy. I really have felt like I’ve been in a mini rut these past few months, I need this little weekly break, it can only end up being a win-win for me and the mini’s.

Our rehomed doggie has been with us a little over year now, can’t believe he’s been here a year! Can’t remember what it was like without him, he’s 29 months old; and still enjoying his ‘raw diet’ he has his own little freezer in the shed, where we pop his delivered monthly order of various frozen packs of raw minced meats from Durham Animal Feeds, if you’d like to know more – just google, as I don’t like to add external links in my blog. Not one of my favourite things to do, feeding him that is, but over time I’ve become more used to it, all for his greater good, I think it makes dogs more calm, I would never feed kibble again, other owners I meet who feed raw, say the same, their dogs have become more calm, apart from when they get together when exercising! Love dogs.

My Furry assistant

I think I’ve caught up for now, but I’ll probably think of something else when I’ve published! See you next time…


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