The Artist

Me and my Furry Assistant . . .

. . . ‘Kip’ went to play with the angels, September 2012 – I know it’s 2024 now; but, I still miss him each day – God Bless his canine soul . . .

I do have another ‘furry assistant’, we re-homed him on August 15th 2020; at 16 months old, I’ll let you know how it’s going, a mixed breed, Weimador, he’s as challenging as my Weimaraners could be!

I’m based in Yorkshire, England; and as a Graphic Artist, obviously Art and Design have always played a major role throughout my life. Previously my career remained within the Print Industry, being Resident Artist in lithographic fields in the beginning; and then a change of disciplines eight years later, meant the transition to Industrial Etching and Screen-Print within Engineering & Manufacture, as Company Head of Art & Design.

Having completed many commissions, whether Graphic, Photographic, or in miniature; from Autumn 1996, I have been obsessed with the creation of high quality and truly realistic miniatures – of which miniature food is my passion; character dolls and miniature accessories are great to create too. I came across Collectors’ interest in this subject matter by accident; and still remain intrigued at the totally, all consuming appetite for this hobby, myself of course included!

Working from Tudor and Medieval times to contemporary, I hope to continue working towards a more liberated form of expression leading to the creation of more original and unique pieces, thus harmonising my own creativity with Collectors’ requirements, related to their hobby.

Commissions are most welcome should you desire that little one-of-a-kind creation to enhance your current Collection.

Please remember – my miniatures are not intended for use by anyone under fourteen years of age.

Contact me by email at

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