Enjoying Summer?

I realise it’s been a while since I came to say ‘hi’…

What’s been happening?… Well, the best thing that’s happened is this new PC! Yayyy! The old one was around fifteen years old – my husband had it built for me; and it was no longer up to date in so, so many ways, that at some point you know you just have to let go. I still have it, as I am slowly moving all the stuff from one to another, when time allows. This one is a dream! It also means that at some point, I’ll be able to get my online store back up and running – the old PC just didn’t want to ‘play’ anymore; and became just about impossible to use when it came to updating my web and such like.

Mini-wise – I’m currently creating a small batch of Tudor ‘meats’, the ones that fit on Sussex Craft spits; and after that I will be picking up where I left off with my planned new creations… I’m going to be a tease and not tell you what they are!! A little complex, but hopefully worthwhile; and when I’m happy with the results – you will be the first to see…

Here’s an oldie but goodie… Sorry – I cannot take orders on the little box of cupcakes at present.

Bye for now!

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