June Already?

The back garden is just full of varying ‘upcoming’ berries… most prominent being the Pyracantha, it’s absolutely full – the blackbirds will have a field day when they are ripe! I always remember someone saying that loads of berries means a bad winter, hopefully not like this last one though; and didn’t it drag on?

Anyway, there is also a sixty plus years old gooseberry bush, full of goosegogs, not ripe enough to pick yet though… thought I’d post a pic of my tiny faux ‘Preserved Gooseberries’ jar, love these. I have three in stock I think, really need to get my head around my online store, I have no excuses other than I need to complete a couple of commissions. One is another fruit display in a solid silver creation. The pineapple I normally create – I’ve decided to work it in a completely different way, once I’m happy – it will atop the display – I’ll keep you posted…

Another task, my husband bought me a new iPad, the old one was 2012 and can no longer be updated, thus making it an absolute pain with any online stuff. In doing so, my older emails from the webmail, haven’t come through! It’ll be something I’m doing, I’m sure – but, if you are waiting to hear from me, could you please give me a nudge? That would be most helpful, thank you.

I’ve recently set up a Facebook Business Page; and started uploading a few images to Instagram too if you would like to ‘click and follow’ – as I said, these are relatively new…

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