Happy New Year!

Yes, Happy New Year to you all; and, I hope it’s a peaceful and joyous and healthy one!

I haven’t posted for a while, there have been problems with the ‘new’ owners of the website service I use, more or less started when they took over last Spring!! and then I couldnt upload images, they didnt know why… it went on for three weeks… I got tired of emails batting to and fro… you know the story – they still give the appearane and presence as though they are still here in the UK, when in fact they are not! They even took my website down whilst I was in Chicago and couldn’t do a thiing about it until my return… I was boiling at the time. I occasionally get emails saying ‘oops we made a mistake’ – I kid you not, but I’m thinking at this stage it’s better the devil you know as they say, even if they are half way around the world from me…

I was ill over the Christmas Holidays, still have a cough, but back to work with avengence last week ready for this year’s shows and commissions/orders. On that note though, I’m booked up until May; and preferably after the Kensington Summer Festival if you’re thinking of contacting me, thank you.

My next show is in a few weeks time at the City of London Dollshouse Festival, 3rd February. It’s a nice show and I like it, it has a different feel to Kensington and well worth a visit – details are on my ‘Show Schedule‘ page.

I found this lovely image whilst having a root around, my macro’s gone caput and I need to replace it asap, just studying my options at present, which means images are a bit thin on the ground until it’s replaced!


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