Long Time Since I Last Posted…

Important email info re: Blueyonder account below, please, please read, thank you.

Where did January go?! 2023 off to a speedy start; and I’ve almost forgotten how to use this blog!! Never mind, if it looks a mess, I can come back in and edit…

This year as last, I have chosen to exhibit at just two show’s, namely both Kensington Festivals, so hopefully I’ll maybe see you there in person, everything felt more ‘back to normal’ at the Christmas Show 2022, which was nice for all concerned. I have new ideas I’m working with to debut at the summer Festival in May, enjoying experimenting! Watch this pace as the saying goes.

I gave out my personal email to online contacts many, many years ago; it was easier to send images given some of their sizes – unfortunately – that ‘blueyonder’ email address is no longer supported by the ‘Big’ company that bought Telewest out years ago; and as they’re now merging with another ‘biggie’, I’m no longer going to use it. It appears it went down again early to mid December, so if anyone has been in touch via Blueyonder to me since then – I don’t have it, please use any email address within this website, thank you.

I think that’s it for now, wishing everyone ‘All The Very Best!’ for 2023! Back sooner than  I usually am, promise. Here’s a little something I created in a Stokesay Ware Dish… 1:12, inch scale.

Winter Warmer… Meat & Potato Pie in 1:12 by Carol Cook
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