Good Old British Summertime…

Cool and raining… Can we please, please have some sun?!

It’s been ages since I wrote in here, I know… all kinds of ‘stuff’ has been going on (including having the flu twice!?) – I NEVER catch colds, but after the two bouts of flu – it was amusing to say the least and nothing more than a mild and mere hindrance…

My ‘big PC’ as I have always referred to it, is no longer happy on the internet – all manner of alerts telling me to upgrade this – I wont work if you don’t do this (LoL) and all the rest of the ‘modern technology issues’ confirming my often used phrase “What price modern technology?” But, after fifteen years of truly wonderful service – I can still use it for artworks and my photo’s, archives – and so on. It was built for specifically for me; and I still like it. However, I have had to buy something to be able to update my website and related things. A used MacBook seemed a great option, bought an older refurb, so here I am. My iPad wasn’t powerful enough to update everything and this is! Yayyyy!

I broke my favourite macro lens on my camera, that was so, soooo frustrating, I managed to replace that last month, settling for a refurbed Nikon lens instead of the usual Sigma I’ve bought the past couple of years – absolutely love it! The thing is, I don’t have my beloved Photoshop on this MacBook, as it’s for PC, so that’s the only downside – I can’t edit photo’s and pop them straight on.

Already started working towards my next show, plus commissions and smaller orders, as most of my OOAK’s went at Kensington Dollshouse Festival last weekend… I was so complacent on arrival last Thursday evening, I walked up the steps to the stage to set-up, only to find I had been moved… That’ll teach me not to look before I go! Won’t do that again she says eyes rolling. I’m guessing a couple of orders for collection from the said show were due to not finding me – all is not lost – I’ll bring them to the next one.

That’s it for today then, I was going to upload an image, but I don’t seem to have that one sussed… Next time!

Bye for now…

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