Sunny Days…

So far so good for our delayed lifting of restrictions, I’ll wait until the 19th and see what happens… no more on that one, as I know everyone will be fully aware of current affairs.

Not quite sure what to write about again, other than all is good in our home and we are well, the doggie we re-homed last August is doing great and keeping me on my toes, I asked my husband if he’d seen a difference in me since we’ve had him, if you’ve read previous posts, I wanted another dog after all these years; and it means I can walk more in the fields and woods rather than the streets, as it can be a bit nerve wracking as a lone female walking, for me anyway. Back to point, my husband said the difference in me having him, it’s given me a certain purpose, I hadn’t seen that, but he can obviously. I enjoy being dog chef and K9 entertainer though; and tickle on the tum is one of his favourites. These last years have been the first time in my whole life where I haven’t lived with doggies. It’s been hard, as I love dogs, all animals truth be told. My parents already had a dog and a cat when I was born, I’d never known what life was like without pets.

Mini’s, I’m back to batching so I can put together some more displays, I’ve also taken time to experiment with different clays this last 15 months given the lack of live shows, still love polymer clay – it’s the one I have most experience with, which is probably why. I’ve been enjoying photographing miniatures again, I fell out of habit whilst attending the live shows, working with the online shows is quite different, everything has to be well executed image wise! Online has been such a tremendous output for me due to the lack of live shows too, quite overwhelming at times. Things are starting to balance out now, I feel like I can take a breath again. I think collectors also forget that I have my own dolls houses as a hobby, five 1:12; and a 1:24, which have been somewhat neglected and last year I was kind of put in touch with my own mortality given the pandemic; and I realised I needed time to pursue my own interests, or what was the point in life? More on that in future posts.

Last year my husband’s place of work allowed ‘some’ holidays to be carried forward to this year seeing as last year was so restrictive with travel, he also has an extra week annually for long service from last year, which means we seem to be having a week’s holiday each month since first step out of lockdown in April! We’re doing staycations… he is also converting a VW T6 into a ‘day van’ which hopefully will be ready towards the end of August, looking forward to then!

I think that’s me caught up for now, I know I need to get an online shop underway in here, I’m not used to WordPress and this site was kindly cloned by my current host from my previous provider and I’m not entirely in love with it – need – to – learn – something else to do!

Back soon.

Image shows the ‘cool store’ pantry on one of my dolls houses, all filled for the Kensington Online Show in May, love this image…

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